Tenors of Kalma play at jazzahead!Clubnight at Shwankhalle in Bremen, Germany 29th April, 2017 at 23:00. Also on the bill, Finnish trio Linear Johns at 21:30.

Jimi Tenor, Kalle Kalima and Joonas Riippa: The Tenors of Kalma have a whift of madness about them. Guitarist Kalima started the project with saxophone, keyboard player and vocalist Jimi Tenor, one of the great european musical outcasts, to integrate at least 40% of improvisation in their tracks. This dark brew comes with obvious traces of Miles Davis in the 70ies.
Jimi Tenor vocals, sax, keys, electronics / Kalle Kalima guitar, electronics / Joonas Riippa, Drums

Linear Johns critically acclaimed Debut „Hits with a Twist“ sounds as if author Thomas Pynchon had thought oft he Beatles starting it all in the 60ies california and not having been on speed but on wonderfully lush Pop and Jazz with an early idea of Beck and Retro.
Markus Holkko Vocals, sax / Samuli Rautiainen Rhodes, Organ / Juuso Rinta Bass / Teemu Mustonen Drums