Jimi Tenor will perform with the new Jimi Tenor Band at Aapelin Baari in East Helsinki’s Kontula neighbourhood for the record release of album Saxentric on October 14, 2016 on Herakles Records.

Jimi Tenor has brought culture & genuine experimental electronic music to Kontula with his festival Kontula Electronic. Both music enthusiasts and local tradespersons were excited by the line up, electronic music and diverse spaces that Kontula & Helsinki have to offer.

Line up for the performance will be:

Jimi Tenor: Tenor Saxophone, Keyboards, Flute, etc.
Ekow Alabi Savage: Drums
Patrick Frankowski: Bass
Ilkka Mattila: Guitar
Daniel Allen Oberto: Trumpet, Percussion
Ilmari Heikinheimo: Percussion

Jimi Tenor returns to Aapelin Baari as he played their prior with the release of Mysterium Magnum, Herakles Records, 2015.