Confirmed Jimi Tenor solo tour dates in Asia
17.11. Jori Hulkkonen and JImi Tenor perform their cult classic: Nuntius at Bangkok Underground Film Festival
23.11. Jori Hulkkonen and Jimi Tenor club live at Sukhum Music Festival, Bangkok. Jori in electronics, JImi plays sax, flute, keys and sings!
7.12. Jimi Tenor solo in Beijing, ANTIDOTE // DADA // SHEN
8.12. Jimi Tenor solo at AT STUDIO FREEDOM, Tokyo, Japan
13.13. Environment 0g, Osaka, Japan
14.12. Socore Factory, Osaka, Japan
16.12. Yanesen, Tokyo
24.12. Potato Head, Hong Kong
27.12. Denis Simachev, Moscow, (OK not Asia but we stop in Moscow on our way back)


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