The Wire Magazine 02/1997 At last this deep space emission - well it's from Moscow so might as well be - is received up in Western Europe. Made by a pair of Muscovite Space Engineering students, it's claimed, but even if that's a pack of lies, it's exactly what this sounds like. Four tracks of zero-gravity bliss make this Sähkö's best for some considerable time. Some beautiful real-time Rhodes and quivering star-bright theremin sparkle between the pure electronic pulsations, ensuring the life-giving warmth of this stellar Sputnik sound.

Produced by Jimi Tenor & Mika Vainio.

A1. Syväkosmos
A2. Tetris
B1. Lunatetris
B2. Kosmoska

Made by Andrei Tousov & Kiril Rozhdestvenskij.

DJ Magazine 18/12/1996 More cosmic l o--tech and electronic  minimalism from the label  that believes in the structure of sound and the groove of silence, This collection of electronics uses frequencies like a voice and gives the analogue signal a quality that comes close to the spoken voice that takes us on a journey of sonic mapping and outer space hoodoo voodoo atmospheres. Musik for cosmonauts, priests and silver surfers from the land  of the frozen sun. Recommended.