JAZZ Jimi Tenor and the Tenors Of Kalma break the boundaries between genres in the boys' school In Finland, today's singer and multi-instrumentalist played in an industrial band, later became the celebrated star of the techno scene ( Take Me Baby), moved to New York and saddled on Afro Beat, Worked with Big bands and has been jazz for several years. In his current tenor of Kalma project , he is flanked by the transcendent avant-garde guitarist Kalle Kalima and Joonas Riippa on drums. --- "Improved improvisations" by HEIKO WEIGELT 3.10.2015

The debut album of the collaboration of Jimi Tenor, electric guitarist Kalle Kalima and drummer Joonas Riippa. The genre is fusion meets pop meets electronic. Don’t try to put your finger on it otherwise it might slide right from under you. Electric Willow was released in October of 2015 on Enja Records / Yellowbird Records.

Kalima and Riippa are established patrons of the jazz scene of Europe and are skilled and quirky partners with Tenor for this project, Tenors Of Kalma.

Of course, the bandname is a perplexity of the protagonists Jimi Tenor (voc, key, sax, fl) and Kalle Kalima (g, voc). Both are among the most creative and certainly the most crazy heads in the European scene, so you can also expect a lot from a cooperation! ... by Tim Jonathan Kleinecke www. Hr-online.de /website/radio/hr2/index.jsp? ... 3.10.2015 With this year's theme of the Darmstadt Jazz Forum presented the ... eye) The Finnish bird of paradise " Tenors Of Kalma ": three shamans From Helsinki. ... Their output of creativity and originality ensures even longer in Europe for ..... Without moderation all his Still youthful playfulness.