"With Big Fantasy I get a real 80's funk vibe here ala Vanity 6 Nasty Girls and Klymaxx Meeting in the Ladies Room...I like it! Tear it down is kind of more a combination of that and what I think when I think Nicole Willis. Solid release!" DJ-J-ME, The Soul Shack
"Lovely pair of dancefloor tracks, manages to sound retro and contemporary at the same time!" Dave Smeaton, Glastonbury West Holts Stage

Big Fantasy (For Me):
Writers/Composers: Abdissa Assefa, Jonathan Maron, Ilkka Mattila, Lassi Lehto, Nicole Willis.
Tear It Down:
Writers/Composers: Jonathan Maron, Ilkka Mattila, Lassi Lehto, Nicole Willis.
Publishing: Copyright Control.
Nicole Willis: Vocals, Lyrics, Composition, Synths, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Arrangement, Mixing, Production.
Jimi Tenor: Backing Vocals, Composition, Synths, Drum Programming, Horns, Keyboards, Arrangement, Mixing, Production.
Jonathan Maron: Electric Bass, Composition.
Ilkka Mattila: Electric Guitar, Composition.
Abdissa“Mamba”Assefa: Percussion, Composition.
Art Direction: Vilunki 3000
℗ Persephone Records / Herakles Records, 2017.

"Feel Nicole's funk and Jimmy's Disco all underpinned with Mr Maron huge bassline. These guys do it every time; a thinking man/woman/freak's 'Uptown Funk' for 2017. Love everything they do; only things, Radio Edit too short - need full length Disco Mix 12" Gerry Hectic, Futuristica Music/Jazz Chronicles/Secret Garden Festival Radio Mixcloud Competit
"Solid disco funk weapon! The concept of the musicians is evocative. This is a Warning! Well at once our favorite Nicole Willis sounds like Adeva on ‘’Big Fantasy’’ but the tune is massive as well, it seems like my first choice here. Dope bassline, effects can’t get enough of it. Balearic vibes on its instrumental as well." DJ Nova, Rodon FM 95